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UCM Remote Connect

Empower your team to confidently work from anywhere while keeping your business secure.





Securely Collaborate with UCM RemoteConnect

  • Centralized, cloud setup & management for your UCM6300 series devices.

  • Automatic NAT traversal ensure secure remoteconnections.

  • Active network security protection and monitoring.

  • Provides a failover mechanism to protect from network outages.




Everything Your Mobile Business Needs To Be Productive & Secure

Easy Remote Management

UCMRC allows you to manage your UCM6300 series devices remotely and centrally. It makes adding new UCMs or SIP endpoints quick and easy, allows you to cluster UCMs together, provides cloud storage and more.​





Powerful Network Security

UCMRC provides always-on, automatic NAT firewall traversal to ensure secure connections by users outside of your network. It offers active security protection, monitoring, alarms, troubleshooting and more to ensure your network is always secure.




Communicate From Anywhere

UCM RemoteConnect allows your team to communicate seamlessly by securing connection bertween the UCM6300 series, the Wave app and Grandstream SIP endpoints - no matter if users are in the office, working from home or travelling.





Cloud IM Services

The Cloud IM feature built-in to UCMRC allows you to sync-together UCM6300 series devices in any location, enabling businesses to build one network that can be utilized across all locations and accessed remotely.




An Abundance of Collaboration Features

UCMRC, Wave and the UCM6300 series combine to offer hundreds of state-of-the-art collaboration features to help your business be more productive than ever before. This includes voice/video meetings and calls, chat and IM, presence, file sharing, meeting assist, calendars, voicemail and more.




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