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Business Conferencing


Grandstream has everything needed for any business to create powerful and affordable video conferencing solutions that increase productivity and save business travel expenses. If you are looking for a hardware solution based on a conference room, then our GVC series of video conferencing equipment can provide any enterprise with a powerful and affordable, collaboration-centric environment that can link multiple offices and rooms together . If you are looking for an online video conferencing solution, or need a platform to link GVC devices together, then our IPVideoTalk video, audio and web conferencing platform is nothing more.

GAC2570 Voice Conference System


The GAC2570 is a full-duplex conferencing device featuring high-quality voice communication for meeting rooms, huddle areas, boardrooms, and other conferencing spaces. 


Full HD Conferencing


Deploy unprecedented flexibility and productivity with video conferencing.


Audio Conferencing


The GAC2500 is an audio conferencing phone that takes the table-top conferencing experience to the next level.

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