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Grandstream WAVE Softphne APP

Connect anytime from anywhere - The Wave app is a desktop, web, and mobile app for the UCM6300 series, that provides remote voice and video collaboration tools for businesses utilizing Grandstream’s UCM6300 series IP PBXs, allowing remote workers to easily communicate and collaborate from anywhere.

About WAVE

Greadstream Wave Softphone App turns your device into a softphone that connects to the Trend UCM63XX series IP PBX, allowing you to make calls and video conferences from anywhere. It supports high-quality audio/video calls and conferences, chat and file attachments, capturing and sharing photos/documents from your mobile phone, scheduling and joining meetings, and it even allows joining meetings without logging in. As long as you have an internet connection, users can register with the UCM63XX series extensions, directly call other extensions, landline and mobile numbers, as well as create and join conferences. With Wave, users can enjoy seamless calling and conferencing regardless of their location, thus enhancing communication efficiency and productivity for businesses.

Collaborate from Any Device

Available for desktop, web, Android and iOS, your team can collaborate from anywhere, at anytime using any device. No matter if they are in the office, travelling, or working from home, Wave provides easy access to voice and video calls, meetings, chat and more.


Chat and Instant Messaging

Wave allows teams to instantly chat with each other and provides the tools to turn chats into production. Wave's messaging capabilities includes group and individual chat, file sharing, image sharing, voice messages, quote reply, emojis, real time presence and more. You can even start a meeting from a chat and sync the chat record with the new meeting.




Personal Customization

Each user can customize their avatar/image, working status, presence and more.





Seamless Team Collaboartion

Wave allows your team to easily work together.

With presence and status indicators, teams can quickly sync up and stay in touch with each other. You can create groups based on the needs of your organization, and users can be associated with teams on other UCM6300 series devices.

Ideal for Open Offices & Hot Desking

Because it can be accessed on any device from anywhere, Wave is ideal for any business where employees are moving around, including open offices and hot desking setups.

All functionality, data and records are available on any terminal and device.


Convenient Call Features

Start or answer a call with one click, switch between different devices/terminals, utilize blind and attended transfer, video call, convert a call to a meeting, audio and video call recordings, and more.





Powerful Meetings

Hold voice and video meetings that can be joined from the web, mobile, desktop, SIP phones, IP cameras, IP video conferencing devices and other SIP endpoints.

This ensures that anyone can join a meeting from anywhere at any time.


State-of-the-Art Collaboration Features

Wave meetings provide state-of-the-art features including virtual backgrounds, screeen-sharing, whiteboard, PDF sharing, meeting assistant, calendar and more.


Lightweight soft phone - Wave for Chrome

Wave for Chrome allows users to access Wave on any Chrome browser pages at any time, click-to-dial,search for your colleagues and make calls, quickly answer calls, and improve your working productivity.



Ideal for remote workers, Wave offers an easy-to-use platform to remotely join, schedule and hold meetings, calls and conferences from anywhere. It also allows UCM6300 series users to directly call other extensions, landlines, and mobile numbers. Wave is free, available for Android and iOS devices as well as Chrome and Firefox browsers, and can be quickly configured by scanning a barcode produced by the UCM6300 series. The application offers chat and collaboration features, such as sending messages, emoji characters and share files via private chat or group chats. It is compatible with Grandstream’s UCM RemoteConnect cloud service, which ensures a fully secure connection between Wave and the UCM6300 series by providing automatic, always-on NAT firewall traversal. Thanks to Wave, businesses can provide remote workers with a powerful mobile and web tool to meet and collaborate from anywhere, boosting productivity for dispersed organizations and remote workers.


  • Supports Android & iOS devices; Chrome and Firefox browsers; Windows & Mac computers

  • Remotely join meetings, calls and conferences

  • Supports chat and collaboration features: private chat, group chat, sending emoji, sharing file and initiating meeting via chat group, schedule and start meetings

  • Multi-level contacts, search contacts, call and chat from contact list

  • View call history and voicemail, quick access to initiate call and chat from the call history/voicemail menu

  • Customize profile picture, account status and virtual background while video sharing

  • Compatible with Wi-Fi and 2G/3G/4G networks

  • Allows UCM6300 series users to call other extensions, landlines & mobile numbers

  • Supports mobile devices’ camera, built-in webcam & USB webcams

  • Supports HD audio and video resolutions up to 1080p HD

  • Supports use with Bluetooth, USB and other headsets

  • Download app & scan QR code from UCM6300 series to configure

  • Compatible with UCM RemoteConnect cloud service for secure remote connections


Grandstream Wave App Datasheet -----> download

Grandstream Wave App User Guide -----> download

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