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GXP Series Mid Range

IP Phones

Glass Buildings

GXP1700 series

  • The GXP1700 series of Mid-Range IP Phones was designed for growing businesses. These stylish phones have mid-range features and capacity that your business can grow with and depend with the competitive price that you need now. The GXP1700 series offers a great addition to any desktop thanks to its sleek, high-end design coupled with a variety of mid-range productivity tools that keep users efficient and productive.

GXP1780-1782_front (1).png
  • 8 lines, 8 dual-color line keys (with 4 SIP accounts), 4 XML programmable context sensitive soft keys

  • 32 digitally programmable & customizable BLF/fastdial keys

  • HD wideband audio, fullduplex speakerphone with advanced

  • 6 lines, 6 dual-color line keys (with 3 SIP accounts), 4 XML programmable context-sensitive soft keys

  • 5-way audio conferencing for easy conference calls

  • 24 digitally programmable & customizable BLF/fast-dial keys

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