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Fanvil i23 SIP voice door phone series, carrying Fanvil's 10+ years industrial experience in technology and product design, combing IP technology together with industrial door phone perfectly. I23 SIP voice door phone series can be easily configured in varies application scenarios like office, school, airport, etc.

Grandstream i23s SIP Door Phone


  • Designing in the most popular communication standard protocol – SIP, you needn’t worry about compatibility, vendor selection and alteration any more.


Security linkage

  • Two short-circuit input interfaces and two short-circuit output interfaces, safe isolation circuits designed to prevent miss connections.

Noise Reduction

  • Specific processing module for environmental noise reduction. Meanwhile, support long-distance voice pickup as far as 5 meters.



  • Door phone, intercom and paging to one device.


Advanced Protection

  • Strictly follow the high standards of international protection grade, waterproof to IP65, anti-collision reaches IK10.


HD Voice

  • Wonderful aural enjoying with wideband g.722 coding.


  • Alarming as long as the cover aparts from the housing, meanwhile, reporting to the control center.
  • Wide range temperature adaptability Applicable temperature ranging from -40 to +70, adapting to all kinds of harsh environments.


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